Is Full Tattoo Removal Expected?

One of the most common questions technicians need to answer on initial consultations is: “Will my tattoo be completely removed?”.  While this question seems to be very basic and straightforward, there are a few different ways it can be answered.

If you speak to a reputable technician that has been doing removal for quite some time, they will not quote that the tattoo will be removed completely, or 100% of the ink will be unnoticeable.  A professional tattoo remover has a different idea of what 100% removal will be compared to the patient.  Even in the most successful procedures, a laser technician will be able to find small amounts of pigment still remaining in the skin after the procedure is completed.  If you are going to expose your skin to someone for the first time, they probably will have no idea that a tattoo was removed.  It really depends how hard someone is going to look at the treated area.

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Another reason that most technicians will not quote you with an absolute removal is due to the way the tattoo was initially done on the skin.  Was one particular area worked over more than others, was they any barbed needles or dragging while the tattoo was being done?  There may have been some scarring during the art work, or a previous scar before any ink was placed on the skin for the first time.  This also weighs in on the ability to remove the body art. 

Other things to keep in mind is the pigment saturation, the pigment that was actually used on the tattoo, whether it was shader or liner, the location of the tattoo on the body, how old the tattoo is, the age and immune system of the patient all play vital roles in the success of the tattoo removal.  There simply is not a yes or no answer when it comes to this question, however, most tattoo removal specialists will tell you it is not going to be 100% complete removal, because they know what can happen during the procedure.

Having Clear Expectations Of The Procedure

Your expectations should be clear before you have the laser procedure, and you should feel comfortable with the professional performing the removal.  A laser technicians job in addition to removal is also to create realistic expectations that you will have.  Just because someone else had an amazing experience and there are no visible signs of previous ink, does not mean your procedure will go the exact same way.

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