Does Having A Tattoo Removed Leave Scars?

Many people get tattoos that they regret. It’s a typical story; a drunken dare, a belief no longer held, an ex’s name… We change over time, and with tattoo removal, it’s possible to let our skin change as well. However, a common worry with tattoo removal is the possibility of scarring. Why bother getting a tattoo removed if it will just leave a scar even worse than the original ink? Luckily, there’s good news.

image of no scars on recently removed tattooEven in the last few years, laser tattoo removal has improved dramatically. The risk of scarring is lower than ever, and if you find a reputable clinic and follow their instructions, there is very little risk. In the vast majority cases, a successful tattoo removal will leave no noticeable scarring at all.

To prevent scarring from your tattoo removal procedure, there are a few common sense things you need to do. First off, you must find a clinic with up to date equipment. As noted earlier, the technology has made large improvements over the last few years. That means if you choose a clinic with old equipment, you are not getting the benefits of these new advances! The advancement in lasers has been drastic, and now, there are specific lasers for specific colors of tattoo removal. Do your research and pick a tattoo removal specialist with updated equipment from the last year or so.

Next up, you absolutely must follow the directions from your clinician as you tend to the affected area. Most scarring isn’t caused by the procedure itself, but from improper healing afterward. Your clinician will give you specific instructions about how to care for your skin as it heals, and you must follow this advice. If you do, as they say, your skin will be beautiful!

Your clinician will probably cover this one, but it’s critical not to pop blisters on the affected area. Blisters are part of a body’s natural healing process, and will help to remove the ink from your skin. If you pop them, the skin will not heal properly, and this can often lead to scarring. This applies to blisters you get anywhere, not just the ones from a tattoo removal treatment!

Tattoo removal can be a scary prospect, but with the latest technology it’s easy! Leaps and bounds in the tattoo removal process mean that your chance of scarring is incredibly small, and pain associated with tattoo removal is less than when you got the original tattoo in most cases. Now you can erase that old mistake and start with a fresh slate. Call a today to schedule an appointment, and learn what it would take to rethink your ink. Contact us now for an estimate!

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