Do Colors Impact Removal?

There can always come a time in your life when you want to get rid of a tattoo that you received when you were younger. Maybe it was a design that wasn’t thought out beforehand, it could have certain memories attached to it, or you simply are not happy with the quality of work the was done. When it comes down to removal, you need to find the best office for tattoo removal to give you the results that you are hoping for. Depending on the colors that are in your tattoo, and many other factors, you could have something that will require different lasers, and often more sessions to get the final result that you need.

multi colored tattoo being removedBefore getting your tattoo removed, you need to understand that there is no removal process that is fully guaranteed. While you are talking with your removal specialist, you can go over all of the treatment options. This will include discussing the makeup of your tattoo, from whether or not there is any scar tissue that can be an obstacle and what the colors are that are going to respond best, as well as what may be difficult to get rid of. There are some tattoos that will end up only fading partially, which means that there will still be a bit of a ghost image left behind. Some patients may even have results that will leave a bit of a raised feeling from some scarring.

Any professionally applied tattoo that penetrates the right layers of skin will usually be easier to treat. However, a professional application will mean that the ink is going to be much more saturated. By the same token, there can be a lot of uneven line work with an amateur tattoo that can make the removal process a whole lot more challenging for your laser removal technician, which ultimately can cause a bit more pain during the process of making the tattoo transparent.

While talking to your laser removal specialist, you will be able to learn that different colors or dyes will usually respond differently to light wavelengths. Each tattoo removal laser is designed to work for specific colors. For example, dark green and black are some of the easiest colors for removal. Other colors, such as purple, turquoise, yellow and any fluorescent dyes will be a lot harder to fade. Depending on the tattoo that you have and the colors, it may be possible to use different lasers to help attack the different colors. It really will come down to how much ink was used during the original process, and the quality of the ink that was used at that time. No matter what, you will always find that a professional with plenty of experience will help to give you the best result.

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