Laser Tattoo Removal And How It Is Performed

Altering, removing, or covering up a tattoo is something that fifty percent of all people who get a tattoo eventually want to have. So, if you feel stupid for wanting to have you tattoo removed after only a few months of getting it, don’t because there are many people like you. The good thing about it is that removing your ink is a relatively standard procedure that can be done by your laser surgeon.

What happens during tattoo removal? High-intensity laser beams break up the pigment colors so that it can be removed by the body through its natural processes. Because black pigment absorbs all the wavelengths of laser, all-black tattoos are the easiest to remove. If you have a multi-colored tattoo, you will be treated with selected lasers that work on a particular color pigment.

In other words, each case of ink alteration and removal is different even if it uses the same laser machine. Previously, there were many ways to remove tattoos, but these often left scars that were uglier than the tattoos themselves. The technology and introduction of new and more powerful lasers, however, has changed all that.

The Cost Of Removing A Tattoo In Baltimore

Do you need laser therapy to remove your tattoo? That depends on whether or not you can afford the treatment. Depending on where you get your treatment, the cost of tattoo removal is anywhere from $199 to $499 per session. Obviously, this cost is significantly more than your original ink, but as of now, there is no tattoo eraser on the market. How much you pay depends on the type and size of the tattoo and the experience of the one operating the laser.

tattto removal before and after Baltimore MarylandWhile you go to a tattoo artist to get your tattoo, if you want it removed, you need to go to a cosmetic surgery center, a dermatologist, or a licensed technician that specializes in this procedure. Whenever possible, you should only go to a practice like ours that has been recommended by your doctor or comes with high ratings and reviews online.

What can you expect when you see someone to remove your tattoo? First, the doctor or technician will take a look at your tattoo and decide on the number of treatments necessary for complete removal. It typically just takes two to four sessions to remove a tattoo, although there are tattoos that take many more sessions to be removed. Again, it all depends on the color and the size of the tattoo. Your doctor or technician should give you more information on the process and the prices associated with it.

woman prior to tattoo removal procedure in MarylandIt might surprise you to know that there are different techniques used in laser removal, and the type of technique used depends on several factors including the type of tattoo, whether it was professionally done or made by an amateur, the color of the body art, the part of the body that was inked, as well as the size and age of the tattoo. Other factors include skin color and the depth to which the pigments extend.

Does laser treatment hurt? It can be a bit painful. It has been described by many of our patients as less painful than the original body ink. However, patients with a high threshold for pain will be able to bear it without anesthesia. But for patients who can’t stand the pain, local anesthesia is used.  The pain itself comes from the comes from the energy of the laser. When the laser is sent to the pigment, it feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin.

If you are regretting your ink, and want to make a permanent change, we can help. Call today and schedule a free consultation with one of our technicians. You don’t have to regret your decision forever, you can simply remove your mistake. If you live outside of the area, and want to find other locations specializing in tattoo removal near me, please visit one of the areas we serve below.



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