Removing The Indelible – Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a pervasive part of the human social expression and have been a part of history since ancient days. If this aspect of cultural communication has taught us anything, it is that people will change their minds constantly about things they once considered worthy of indelible celebration.

arm tattoo women on beachAs a matter of fact, 25% of all Americans have at least one tattoo.  Over half of these people who get a tattoo will eventually rethink it and seek some form of ink removal or alteration.  

This is nothing new, tattoos have been removed for many centuries, what is the new are the modern methods of the removal process that have replaced slash-and-hack methods of alterations popularized in the Middle Ages.

Today unwanted body ink can be removed with the application of a highly sophisticated laser beam that will directly target the pigments below the skin. The use of lasers has proven to be the best tattoo removal method currently available. This technique has proven more efficient than other methods of effectively removing the once permanent ink and has been found to cause significantly fewer side effects as well.

With the popularity of tattoos growing by the day, and new procedures such as scalp micropigmentation, which helps conceal hair loss becoming more popular, the market for eliminating unwanted to poor looking tattoos is skyrocketing. Finding a trusted and reputable expert is this industry is an absolute requirement.  This is why the professionals at Ink Revision is your best choice when you are ready to conceal your problems.


Removing Tattoos Permanently In Washington DC With Lasers

A high powered laser beam is used to break up the pigments and inks that have been lodged within the skin. This makes them more susceptible to treatments, like creams, ointments, and even medication, that will work to break up and dispose of these inks.

The idea is that the intense beams of light from these laser beams will only be absorbed by the inks and therefore not cause damage to any of the surrounding tissue.

The color of the tattoo will play a significant role in deciding how effective the cosmetic procedure will be. Black tattoos absorb the light emitted from all laser beams and are therefore the easiest color to work with. Other colors have to be addressed with higher laser beam tendencies to achieve the same effects.woman having tattoo removal done by technician in DC

It is important to remember that every tattoo is different, and there is no single treatment or tattoo eraser that will remove all ink with equal effectiveness. Successfully removed tattoo stories come from folks that have found a successful combination of a few treatments that did not affect them adversely — dare to dream you are this lucky and do plenty of research before testing out treatments.  

Before the invention of these high powered lasers, a cover up was the only effective method for a tattoo eraser, and that was temporary. Patients that have attempted to remove tattoos with lightening agents fade away creams or even dermabrasion may find that laser tattoo removal provides the finishing touch that reduces most if not all visible traces of the tattoo.

The entire removal process will require several sessions over an extended period. Although this will vary greatly depending on many factors from skin tones to the size and color of the tattoo, the mean time given for a full laser removal procedure is an entire year with around nine sessions.

Side Effects And Cost Of Tattoo Removal

Before deciding to opt for laser removal, it is important to research the numerous side effects this procedure can cause as well as the procedures for eliminating these risks. Failure to do so could result in scarring, discoloration, swelling, blisters, redness, bleeding and many other conditions that would be much worse than the tattoo itself.

The cost of your ink alteration will depend on a few factors.  The size of your artwork, as well as the colors used in the design.  Black ink is going to be much easier to remove compared to a sleeve of colors, and the length of time to completely remove the ink will take many more sessions.  Each market is different, and the pricing will vary from company to company.  When you are ready to have your ink removed in Washington, DC, and are ready to take the next step, contact us and schedule an appointment.  We want to prevent you from making a mistake on your tattoo this time around.


Important Information You Need to Know:

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Are the same lasers used for all types of removal?

Are colored tattoos harder to remove?

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